Productive changes brought by Narendra Modi

Productive changes brought by Narendra Modi

Broadband internet connections in rural areas

Narendra Modi JiNarendraime Minister has taken the initiative and provided the rural areas with the internet connection, making it easier for the locality to perform the basic chores.

Cleanliness of the city

After he got elected he took the great step towards cleanliness. Made sure the streets were clean and trash cans were placed everywhere.

6 lane highway

He got the 6 lane highway constructed which made it so much easier for the people to travel.

Underground electricity connections

This was one of the greatest initiatives he took. Underground electricity connections were a great idea as it has reduced electricity cut-offs due to wires breaking off. Roads are clear and less congested as no more electricity poles are in between.

Solar lights in public places

Saving power by getting solar lights installed on the streets. It serves as a return on investments.

Ganga saffai Abhyaan

Ganga got very polluted after all the dirt was disposed of in it. Narenda Modi Ji brought ahead of the Ganga saffai abhyaan and got Ganga cleaned.

Buses Straight from Katmandu to Varanasi

Transportation was made easier after e got straight buses to Varanasi and didn’t have to do break journeys,

Great steps and initiatives have been taken by him, making our country great!

So, planning to do a trip and have a peaceful break that you can enjoy fully! Go ahead for Varanasi!

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